About Us

Furry Godmother

“I want to help people understand and connect with animals. Happier people. Less animals suffering. Everyone wins!”

Animals. Nature. Adventures. These are things that get me out of bed. Oh, and chocolate.

I currently care for two mini leopards Lynx & Alfie. And am the furry Godmother to several dogs and a horse.

I believe animals are sentient beings, with rich personalities. And have witnessed them transform into the most amazing creatures when given love, contextual communication and positive reinforcement tailored to their individualistic needs and wants.

The thought of others seeking compassionate ways to connect with animals, puts a bigger smile on my face than anything else…

Well except maybe Thor serving me chocolate dipped strawberries, but that’s another thing, for another kind of website.


“I am a guardian, and want to live without limits in the wild”

7th Generation Bengal cat, born 12 November 2009 officially known as Wildkatt Amun Ra.

Introvert. Loves seclusion and quality one on one time in the bush. Workaholic – protects the house, barn and me from snakes and bush rats that come within a 10 metre radius. Sensitive. Confident. A bit on the serious side. Likes to tell cat stories. Thinks before acting. Masculine. Loves biscuit treats. Will happily pose for a picture, but doesn’t like being filmed. Chooses to live permanently outdoors (can & will open doors to escape – has to be trapped to be bought inside). Likes, but gets annoyed at his little brother Alfie when he is “too full on”.


“I love attention, and aspire to be a master adventurer”

Silver Mink Bengal cat, born 24 October 2017 officially known as Silver Snow Storm.

Extrovert. Loves sand, long walks and rock climbing at secret beach. Also likes bush walks, but wants to chase snakes (and can’t hunt despite thinking he can). Attention sponge. Bit of a brat. Cheeky. Likes to make people laugh. Will work for compliments. Can be insecure/ jealous/ nervous. Hyperactive. Mouthy – puts everything in his mouth, loves talking back and nips to communicate. Acts before thinking. Feminine. Loves cat paste treats. Likes the camera, and puts on a show when it’s out but has no idea how to pose. Is an indoor, outdoor supervised cat. Admires but continually challenges his older brother Lynx because he “wants to be the best”.