Experience & History

Everything I’ve learned is from my time in people management, helping friends and family with their companion animals, alongside guardianship of cats, dogs and birds.

I use to listen to conventional wisdom when it came to animals… Until I met Lynx, the untameable Wildcat.

Lynx was unpredictable, and taught me some really hard lessons. Nothing worked on this cat. FOR 8 YEARS. Nothing worked until I stopped trying to control him, began studying animal communication and applied modern day people management principals to our interactions.

Then, everything changed.

It has been such an eye opening journey… And forever changed the way I interact with animals.

I applied what I learned to Alfie’s training and socialisation, and he is developing into a fabulous companion. Alfie’s a little different to Lynx in that he wants to, and enjoys joining me on adventures on and off the property.


Pictured – Alfie running Baywatch style at secret beach

I passed on everything I knew to two other guardians who now also have cats that enjoy going on excursions. They achieved great outcomes, because they focused on the bond, and personalised their cats training and socialisation.

Pictured – Left: Alfie & Frankie ~ Right: Chuck & Alfie

Amazed at the cats progress, I applied what I learned to Scarlett, a Kelpie X Border Collie rescue from working line parents who was dubbed “un-trainable” by professionals – who charged her guardians thousands in training fees despite not producing results.

Scarlett is hyperactive, and gets unruely if her energy is not expended, but she’s smart and capable. For me, she’ll fetch off cliffs into thick bushland, find concealed toys and jump into bodies of water/ swim on command.

Pictured – Left: Alfie & Scarlett ~ Right: Scarlett jumping on command into a Lake

After experiencing all this, and being asked about Alfie’s training when we’re out – I knew I had to share what I’ve learnt, and am continuing to learn, and so created Adventure Catsultant.