“Lead with compassion to develop connections that prevent/ solve most bahavioural issues.”

As I am not a professional or hold qualifications in the pet industry, I do not provide consulting services, but know of services that may help you*

  • Cat School: An online school for cats. At first glance they teach how to do tricks with your cat, but when I tried it? These “tricks” help bust boredom which treat many seemingly unrelated behavioural challenges, and strengthen connections.
  • Catexplorer: A community & resource for cats who love exploring. Community members are kind and helpful, inspiring and learning from one another.
  • Animal Speak: An animal communicator who helped me understand Lynx & Alfie better, which helped us develop the relationship we have today.

I am happy to provide my personal thoughts on certain topics. Feel free to message via Instagram @adventurecatsultant

*These are services I use am not paid or get freebies to promote them.